Tune ups aren`t just good for your vehicle and practical, they save you money and they even help clean up the environment. With the high cost of oil and gas in today`s world, it actually pays to keep your car in tune. Gas prices won`t be going down any time soon, but a tune up can help you keep fuel costs in check, not to mention, it will help extend the life of any vehicle.


Tune ups make sure that the fuel combustion system in your vehicle are working properly so that fuel is not getting burned or wasted. At worst, you should have a tune up performed by a certified mechanic every few years or so, but if you notice that your gas mileage is getting worse by say five or ten percent, it`s definitely time to take your vehicle to the garage for a tune up. An out of tune vehicle can also exhibit problems while running. It can stall, lurch, or simply run poorly. If you experience any of these types of problems, it`s time for a tune up.


If you need a tune up in the Portsmouth area, bring your vehicle into 2 Brothers Garage and our expert technicians and master mechanics will have your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently in no time at all.


During our full srevice tune up we:

  • Install New spark plugs
  • Check and Adjust Speed Adjustment
  • Replace Faulty Spark Plug Wires
  • Check and Adjust Choke
  • Check and Adjust Throttle Linkage
  • Check Distributor


We`ll also give your vehicle a complete point by point inspection and put your vehicle on the diagnostic machine to make sure your computer and engine are in great working order.