Suspension Repair

Your vehicle's suspension is designed for more than your comfort and that of your passengers. Your suspension system is there to ensure that your wheels are adhering to the road at all times, regardless of terrain or bumps in the road. Their role is to absorb shocks caused by uneven driving surfaces without making your vehicle bounce uncontrollably. Without a healthy suspension, and this on any vehicle, your steering will be impaired, your vehicle's adherence to the road will be compromised and your chances of having an accident will be considerably higher than they would be if your suspension was in good shape.


Whether your vehicle is fitted with a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or with a strut based system, such as is often found on front wheel drive vehicles, 2 Brothers Garage can quickly diagnose and adjust, repair or replace your suspension system as required. We possess the equipment, knowledge and experience to make any suspension repair work successful and quick, while keeping you on or under budget. Our wide inventory of parts help ensure that there is no additional delay in your suspension repair, as we do not have to wait for parts to be delivered.


At 2 Brothers Garage, we strive to use only the best quality suspension parts when repairing or replacing your suspension system. This helps ensure that our parts will last as long as the quality of our work and will in time save you a lot of money on repeated suspension repair appointments. Our work and suspension parts are also guaranteed, so you can leave your precious investment in our hands trusting that the work will be done right.


As part of our suspension repair services, we will also check your tire alignment, tire wear and test your vehicle's steering to ensure that any suspension problem that you may have had did not cause damage elsewhere. Our mission is your safety and your satisfaction, and as such, we do not leave any stone unturned when inspecting and repairing your vehicle.


If you are in the greater Portsmouth area and are looking for a professional, qualified and experienced garage and body shop to inspect and repair your vehicle's suspension, please do not hesitate to contact 2 Brothers Garage. We will gladly offer you more information as well as a free estimate on any auto service you may require.