Heating & Cooling Repair

Your vehicle's ability to efficiently control its internal temperature is normally not something you should be aware of, let alone worry about. Cars are designed to heat up and cool down as necessary to ensure proper and ideal temperature is achieved at all times. When your heating and cooling system fails however, there is little doubt that you will notice that there is a problem sooner rather than later, and when you do, you should waste no time in having the issue investigated by a professional and experienced mechanic. Lucky for you, if you are located in the greater Portsmouth area, 2 Brothers Garage is here to help.


Contrary to popular belief, overheating can happen at any time. It is not reserved for scorching days when you are stuck in traffic. Your vehicle can overheat in the dead of winter, and this whether you've been driving for minutes or hours. There are several reasons why your car may be caused to overheat, but the bottom line is, an overheating vehicle is a recipe for disaster no matter the severity of the problem. Overheating can lead to a fire under your hood, to damage to your engine and other components of your vehicle and, ultimately, to engine failure. Needless to say, if you notice that your car is prone to overheating, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible so that your heating and cooling system can be properly diagnosed and repaired.


Just as overheating can be a potentially crippling problem, your car's ability to generate enough heat to function properly is just as important. No one wants their radiator's liquid to freeze. A leaking radiator, or one that has not been properly fitted with the right chemicals and anti-freeze preparations is at risk of shutting down.


2 Brothers Garage has been successfully inspecting and repairing heating and cooling systems on all makes and models of vehicles in the greater Portsmouth area for years. We have the knowledge and experience to figure out just what the problem is and fix it quickly and efficiently, avoiding our customers bigger problems and costs down the line. If you suspect your vehicle is having a hard time keeping its temperature at the right level, do not delay and contact us today. We will be happy to conduct a free inspection and offer you a free estimate on any heating and cooling repair required to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.