Auto Detailing

If you own a vehicle, you have no doubt cleaned it at least once. If that is the case, you know how difficult (not to mention time consuming) it can be to get it just right to get every last piece of gravel from under the seats, get the dashboard to shine and, most of all, to get the wax job just right. No one without the proper equipment or know-how can get their vehicle truly clean and shiny, no matter how long they work at it or how dedicated they are.


2 Brothers Garage has years of experience providing excellent auto detailing services to vehicle owners in the greater Portsmouth area. Our professional and experience auto cleaners know how to get the job done just right, and they work quickly and efficiently no matter how much work is required to get your car looking and smelling like it just came out of the factory.


No matter how well you care for your vehicle, some amount of filth is unavoidable. If you have kids or pets riding in your car regularly, you know how quickly your vehicle can go from clean to grimy. And while the occasional driveway clean-up will help you keep things under control, a good, thorough auto detailing job will ensure even the toughest stains and smells come out of your car's upholstery.


Auto detailing is about more than enjoying a clean vehicle, however. Dirt and grime on the outside of your vehicle are very important factors in the appearance of rust and scrapes, and often contribute to the erosion and deterioration of key components of your car. Filth found inside your car, such as sand and gravel, can quickly damage the material covering the floor of your vehicle. Pet and cigarette smell, once incrusted in your car's lining, can be difficult to get out. This is why regular auto detailing is important to help ensure the longevity of your vehicle, as well as its resale value.


2 Brothers Garage uses safe, non abrasive soaps and cleaners that gently remove grime without damaging your vehicle. We trust only the very best products and achieve unparallelled results, both on the inside and outside of your car, truck or van. If you would like a helping hand to get your car truly clean and are in the greater Portsmouth area, call us today for more information and a free estimate on our auto detailing services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you.