Air Conditioning

We`ve all been there. It`s one of the hottest days of the year. As hot and stifling as it is outside, when you open your car door, it`s even hotter inside. That`s always when the AC unit in the car seems to fail. Suddenly you`re stuck in traffic and the heat is unbearable. The fan doesn`t help, the kids are whinning and agitated by the heat. All you want is some ice cold air to pump out of your vent!


The AC unit is a delicate piece of machinery. It can mean more than simple comfort. It can affect your health in extreme heat. Routine maintenance and AC repair are important to the lifespan of your AC unit. Whether you`re dealing with a faulty condenser, a computer issue or your AC unit simply needs a charge, it`s much better to stay on top of your AC`s performance before it`s too late, the heat is sweltering, and you`re out of cold air.


The AC in your car, just like every other important component that makes your vehicle run properly, requires routine maintenance, and in extreme cases, may require repair or maintenance. At (NAME OF GARAGE), we can help make sure that your AC functions properly when you need it most. By checking hoses, vents and filters, we can maintain your AC. We can make sure the unit is fully charged before the dead of summer is upon you and you most need your AC.


Our skilled, certified mechanics will check and fix any problems that they find with your AC before it becomes a serious issue at the absolute wrong time. If you do have a more serious problem, if your AC is failing and in need of repair or if you need the compressor completely replaced, we can take care of that too. We offer prompt, affordable service. We also provide emergency service if your AC should fail you when the heat is unendurable.


Whatever your AC needs, be it simple maintenance or complete replacement, we can help. Don`t wait until it`s too late and the sun and heat are beating down upon you.